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Black Runtz Seeds - Feminized
Christian Rodriguez
Gallery Growth

The colors, dude! This plant turns your grow room into a gallery. Super aesthetic plus easy to grow, a double win.

Biscotti Seeds - Feminized
Felix Washington
Artisan Harvest

Growing this felt like making artisan coffee. The flavor profile is just as complex and intriguing. A+ Seeds Bros.

Solid strain

A classic and a solid hitter.

Peanut Craze!

Peanut Butter Breath’s unique flavor won me over. Growth was predictable. Thumbs up.

So tasty

This one's like growing a fruit orchard in your backyard. So tasty!

Party Hits

Frosted guava and Sour Mac were both hits at my party. Thanks Seeds Bros.

Zkittlez Dream

Colorful and tasty! Smells amazing. Mellow highs. A rainbow of flavors!

Island Chill

Makes me think of a frosted tropical island. Superb!

Smooth Indoor

Indoor growth went super smooth. Tons of trichomes, guys. Totally recommend.

Girl's Delight

Sweet and smooth! Easy to grow. Relaxing vibes. A real treat.

Chill Zone

Blue Frosty OG is for those who want their grow room to be a chill zone. Easiest grow of my life!

Expert Growers' Delight

Fair warning: This is NOT for newbie smokers. But for growers? Super rewarding.

Newbie's A+

Wow, hardly had to trim this bad boy and still got tons of bud. A+ for newbie growers

One-day magic! 🚚

It's almost unbelievable, but in just one day, my autoflower seeds arrived. The delivery was incredibly swift and discreet.

Chill Thrive

Man, it loves cooler temps. My garage was like its personal paradise. So easy to grow.

Growth Joy!

I'm thrilled! Just 24 hours after planting those seeds, I'm already seeing signs of growth. This purchase has put a huge smile on my face. So thankful for this!


The potency is just insane. I think I found my new go-to strain.


Despite my lack of experience in cultivation, I have been thoroughly impressed by the remarkable growth of this Khalifa Kush plant so far.

Pungent Pleasure

Love the strong aroma. Chemdawg’s a true legend. Great genetics!

Happy Growing!

That's awesome news! I got all feminized seeds, and now I'm seeing some of my plants starting to bud. Super excited about it! 🌱

Zen Dream

Blue Dream's like the zen master of strains. So easygoing during the grow phase, and such a rewarding smoke after.

Jack's Charm

Great strain! Energizing and uplifting. Thrived in my garden. Highly recommended.

Blue Moonrocks

This strain was like growing a pie in my garden. Quick and fruitful.

Easy to grow

Good yield, fun to grow, amazing scent.

Hearty Flavor

I grew CBD Super Lemon Haze this season. Healthy plants and amazing flavor.

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